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2020 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners



Best Traditional: 3326 Cotswald Manor Dr.

Best Religious: 1207 Hamlet Way

Best Lights: 1210 Eversham Way

Santa’s Favorite: 3446 Cotswold Manor Dr.

Best Doorway: 2914 Cotswold Manor Dr

Best Block Spirit: Hamlet Way


Bear Branch

Best Traditional: 3411 Fawn Creek

Best Religious: 3519 Oak Gardens

Best Lights: 3222 Cedar Knolls

Santa’s Favorite: 3306 Riverlawn

Best Doorway: 3618 Wildwood Ridge

Best Block Spirit: Little Bear Dr.


Deer Cove

Best Traditional: 2271 Deer Cove Trail

Best Religious: 2207 Deer Cove Trail

Best Lights: 2219 Deer Cove Trail

Santa’s Favorite: 2211 Deer Cove Trail

Best Doorway: 2271 Deer Cove Trail


Deer Ridge Estates

Best Traditional: 22 Holly Ridge

Best Religious: N/A

Best Lights: 6 Majestic Falls

Santa’s Favorite: 10 Magnolia Woods

Best Doorway: 11 Seer Ridge Estates Blvd.


Elm Grove

Best Traditional: 2903 Clear Ridge Dr

Best Religious: 5603 Maple Square

Best Lights: 2907 Clear Ridge Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 3202 Brookdale Dr.

Best Doorway: 2934 Brookdale Dr.

Best Block Spirit: 2900 Clear Ridge Dr


Fosters Mill

Best Traditional: 2114 Golden Pond Dr

Best Religious: 2322 Vine Creek Dr

Best Lights: 2203 Bluff Creek Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 2018 Wind Creek

Best Doorway: 2214 Long Valley Dr

Best Block Spirit: Long Valley Dr



Best Traditional: 3707 Riverwood Park Dr

Best Religious: 3231 Knoll Manor

Best Lights: 3207 Cedar Village Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 3611 Big Piney

Best Doorway: 3618 Spruce Park

Best Block Spirit: 3200 Block Cedar Village Dr.


Hunters Ridge

Best Traditional: 3650 Clear Falls

Best Religious: 2602 Silver Falls

Best Lights: 3602 Woodbridge

Santa’s Favorite: 2515 Brookdale

Best Doorway: 3605 Village Pine


Kings Crossing

Best Traditional: 3630 Cape Forest Dr

Best Religious: 3323 Redwood Lake Dr

Best Lights: 4423 Walham Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 4402 Vendermere Ct

Best Doorway: 3418 Beech Point Dr

Best Block Spirit: Elmstone Ct


Kings Forest

Best Traditional: 2403 Twin Grove

Best Religious: 2703 Kings Forest Dr

Best Lights: 2918 Forest Laurel

Santa’s Favorite: 3018 Royal Circle

Best Doorway: 2810 Trail Lodge

Best Block Spirit: Oak Forks Dr


Kings Point / The Reserve

Best Traditional: 1715 Seven Maples

Best Religious: 2503 Deer Mountain Ct

Best Lights: 6019 Shady Alcove

Santa’s Favorite: 2403 Mountain Lake

Best Doorway: 1726 Lofty Maple

Best Block Spirit: N/A


Kings Point / Royal Shores

Best Traditional: 6003 Greystone Bluff

Best Religious: 5407 Beaver Lodge

Best Lights: 1330 Sheltering Oaks

Santa’s Favorite: 1114 Royal Shores

Best Doorway: 2006 Seven Maples Dr

Best Block Spirit: Regal Green Ct


Kings River #1

Best Traditional: 2507 Kings River Dr

Best Religious: 7803 Beaver Lake Ct.

Best Lights: 7802 Pinehurst Shadows Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 20115 Water Point Trail

Best Doorway: 20807 Tamarron Dr

Best Block Spirit: Water Point


Kings River #2

Best Traditional: 20911 Greenfield Trail

Best Religious: 20610 Golden Hawthorn Ct

Best Lights: 20418 Umber Oak Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 20423 Umber Oak Ct

Best Doorway: 20719 Great Laurel Ct

Best Block Spirit: Pacific Crest Ct


Kingwood Glen

Best Traditional: 19202 Kristen Pine Dr

Best Religious: 19402 Dee Oaks Dr

Best Lights: 19326 Kristen Pine Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 20211 Entrada Ct

Best Doorway: 19318 Kristen Pine Dr

Best Block Spirit: Kelly Oaks Ct


Kingwood Greens

Best Traditional: 7 Links Ct

Best Religious: 42 Forest Green

Best Lights: 2246 Kings Trail

Santa’s Favorite: 2 Links Ct

Best Doorway: 2222 Ben’s View

Best Block Spirit: N/A


Kingwood Lakes

Best Traditional: 2443 Lake Village Dr

Best Religious: 3606 Ash Park Dr

Best Lights: 2318 Pine Bend Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 4 Kings Creek Dr

Best Doorway: 24 Shorelake Dr

Best Block Spirit: 3600 Ash Park Dr


Kingwood Place

Best Traditional: 2003 White Oak Hills Ln

Best Religious: 2019 White Oak Hills Ln

Best Lights: 2023 Red Magnolia

Santa’s Favorite: 1706 Sandy Trail

Best Doorway: 1819 Ridgewood Trail

Best Block Spirit: N/A


Mills Branch

Best Traditional: 5314 Arbor Bridge

Best Religious: 3419 Kings Mountain Dr

Best Lights: 3223 Leafy Pine

Santa’s Favorite: 4302 Echo Falls

Best Doorway: 3819 Appalachian Trail

Best Block Spirit: Scenic Valley / Echo Falls Dr


North Kingwood Forest

Best Traditional: 5630 That Way

Best Religious: 5710 Which Way

Best Lights: 3214 Same Way

Santa’s Favorite: 3210 Same Way

Best Doorway: 5715 My Way

Best Block Spirit: N/A


North Woodland Hills

Best Traditional: 2179 Tree Lane

Best Religious: 2135 Little Cedar

Best Lights: 2079 Aspen Glade Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 2106 Covewood

Best Doorway: 2042 Aspen Glade Dr

Best Block Spirit: N/A


Oakhurst #1

Best Traditional: 20739 Oakhurst Park

Best Religious: 25429 Ramrock Dr

Best Lights: 25620 Tiverton Forest Ct

Santa’s Favorite: N/A

Best Doorway: 25509 Ramrock Dr

Best Block Spirit: N/A


Oakhurst #2

Best Traditional: 24523 Yorktown Heights Dr

Best Religious: 20518 Bobigian Dr

Best Lights: 20488 Bentwood Oaks

Santa’s Favorite: 25247 Sausalito Ln

Best Doorway: 24547 Yorktown Heights Dr

Best Block Spirit: 25000 Block Stillhouse Springs


Oakhurst #3 / Auburn Trails

Best Traditional: 20655 Lavone Dr

Best Religious: 24613 Hosford Meadows

Best Lights: 20153 Southwood Oaks

Santa’s Favorite: 24232 Emerson Creek

Best Doorway: 21398 Russell Chase

Best Block Spirit: Avett Meadow Lane



Best Traditional: 2314 Cumberland Oak Ct

Best Religious: 1803 Threeflower Ln

Best Lights: 2323 Crimson Valley

Santa’s Favorite: 2102 Riverway Oak Ct

Best Doorway: 6137 Aspen Pass

Best Block Spirit: Primwater Ct



Royal Brook

Best Traditional: 3342 Ashberry Falls Ln

Best Religious: 3331 Skylark Valley Trace

Best Lights: 3228 Floral Garden Lane

Santa’s Favorite: 6039 Granite Shadow Lane

Best Doorway: 6223 Emerald Bay Point Lane

Best Block Spirit: 5900 Block Vineyard Creek Lane


Sand Creek

Best Traditional: 4302 Cedar Valley

Best Religious: 4007 Aspen Mountain Trail

Best Lights: 5206 Sycamore Creek Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 2814 Four Pines Dr

Best Doorway: 5114 Maple Terrace Dr

Best Block Spirit: Manor Glenn Dr


Sherwood Trails

Best Traditional: 2306 Whispering Lane

Best Religious: 2222 Pine Cone Dr

Best Lights: 2322 Meandering Trail

Santa’s Favorite: 2414 Meandering Trail

Best Doorway: 2707 Meander Trail

Best Block Spirit: N/A


South Woodland Hills

Best Traditional: 2010 Rolling Meadows

Best Religious: 2207 Riverlawn

Best Lights: 2327 Lakehaven

Santa’s Favorite: 3515 Evergreen Glade

Best Doorway: 2023 Pine River Dr

Best Block Spirit: Pine River Dr



Best Traditional: 1918 Hickory Creek

Best Religious: 1903 Grove Lake Dr

Best Lights: 1954 River Falls

Santa’s Favorite: 1906 Thousand Pines

Best Doorway: 1930 Laurel Hill

Best Block Spirit: 2200 Block Tangle Lake Dr


Woodridge Forest

Best Traditional: 25203 Falling Leaves Dr.

Best Religious: 22824 Windward Meadow

Best Lights: 25196 Falling Leaves Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 22711 Whispering Timbers Way

Best Doorway: 25213 Forest Ledge Dr

Best Block Spirit: Hobsons Corner Dr / Whispering Timbers Way


Woodspring Forest

Best Traditional: 2814 Markham Woods Dr

Best Religious: 2722 Sandbury Dr

Best Lights: 2803 Sandbury Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 4731 Pin Oak Creek Ln

Best Doorway: 2709 Sandbury Dr

Best Block Spirit: 2700 Block Crichton Ct



Best Traditional: 4823 Fox Grass Trail

Best Religious: 4602 Redwood Grove Ct

Best Lights: 3310 Fair Falls

Santa’s Favorite: 4603 Redwood Grove Ct

Best Doorway: 4811 Stonecrop Ct

Best Block Spirit: Apple Forest Dr.







2020 Winners