Kingwood Civic Club


2015 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Best Traditional 2927 N Cotswold Manor Dr
Best Religious 1206 Charing Cross Way
Best Lights 1303 Blantyre Way
Santa's Favorite 1207 Hamlet Way
Best Doorway 1210 Eversham Way
Best Block Spirit Castle Combe Way
Bear Branch Village
Best Traditional 3514 Lost Lake
Best Religious 2507 Riverlawn Dr
Best Lights 3322 Maple Park
Santa's Favorite 3306 Riverlawn Drive
Best Doorway 3310 Riverlawn Dr
Best Block Spirit 3206-3323 Riverlawn Dr
Deer Cove
Best Traditional 2239 Deer Cove Trail
Best Religious 2207 Deer Cove Trail
Best Lights 2235 Deer Cove Trail
Santa's Favorite 2219 Deer Cove Trail
Best Doorway 2279 Deer Cover Trail
Best Block Spirit 2282 Deer Cove Trail
Elm Grove Village
Best Traditional 5434 Fern Park Dr
Best Religious 5603 Maple Square Dr
Best Lights 2907 Clear Ridge
Santa's Favorite 2914 Clear Ridge
Best Doorway 2931 Brookdale
Best Block Spirit Clear Ridge
Fosters Mill Village
Best Traditional 2214 Golden Pond
Best Religious 4711 Breezy Point
Best Lights 2302 Glenburn Drive
Santa's Favorite 2203 Bluff Creek
Best Doorway 2202 Long Valley Drive
Best Block Spirit Windy Creek
Greentree Village
Best Traditional 4522 Brook Shadow
Best Religious 3219 Manor Grove
Best Lights 3207 Cedar Village Drive
Santa's Favorite 5615 Hickory Village Dr
Best Doorway 3207 Cedar Village Drive
Best Block Spirit Tall Ridge Ct.
Hunters Ridge Village
Best Traditional 4315 Woodbridge
Best Religious 4142 Valley Haven
Best Lights 3211 River Valley
Santa's Favorite 3835 Village Oaks
Best Doorway 4103 Fawn Creek
Best Block Spirit 3900 Block of Garden Lake
Kings Crossing
Best Traditional 4431 Bellington Ct
Best Religious 4506 Elm Stone Ct
Best Lights 4407 Denmere Ct
Santa's Favorite 3606 Cape Forest Dr
Best Doorway 2715 Penmere Ct
Best Block Spirit Halton Ct
Kings Forest
Best Traditional 2702 Valley Manor
Best Religious 2803 Valley Manor
Best Lights 2303 Mill Lake Drive
Santa's Favorite 2910 Royal Circle
Best Doorway 2907 Trail Lodge
Best Block Spirit Royal Circle
Kings Point #1/The Reserve
Best Traditional 1827 Quiet Country Ct
Best Religious 2810 Timber Country Way
Best Lights 6003 Stately Oaks
Santa's Favorite 5911 Garden Hollow Ct
Best Doorway 1726 Lofty Maple Trail
Best Block Spirit 2726 Evergreen Cliff Trail
Kings Point #2/Royal Shores
Best Traditional 5703 Ridge Vista
Best Religious 5602 Wooded Villas
Best Lights 5707 Woodland Brook
Santa's Favorite 1114 Royal Shores Circle
Best Doorway 1611 Scenic Mountain
Best Block Spirit Scenic Mountain
Kings River #1
Best Traditional 7626 Waterwood
Best Religious 7303 Pine Arrow Court
Best Lights 19715 Sage Tree
Santa's Favorite 19719 Sage Tree
Best Doorway 20626 Delta Wood Trail
Best Block Spirit
Kings River #2
Best Traditional 7527 Kings River Circle
Best Religious 7519 Kings River Ct
Best Lights 7523 Kings River Ct
Santa's Favorite 7510 Kings River Circle
Best Doorway 7610 Kings River Lane
Best Block Spirit Kings River Ct.
Kingwood Glen
Best Traditional 5824 Forest Timbers
Best Religious
Best Lights 19326 Kristen Pine Dr
Santa's Favorite 19318 Kristen Pine Drive
Best Doorway 6234 Kristen Park
Best Block Spirit Kelly Oaks Ct
Kingwood Greens
Best Traditional 18 Golf Links
Best Religious 5 Kingwood Greens
Best Lights 2 New Greens Ct
Santa's Favorite 7 New Greens Ct
Best Doorway 23 Forest Green Trail
Best Block Spirit 4900 Hidden Links
Kingwood Lakes
Best Traditional 2418 Oak Bank Drive
Best Religious 3606 Ash Park
Best Lights 3610 Ash Park
Santa's Favorite 4 Kings Creek Dr
Best Doorway 2335 Lake Village Drive
Best Block Spirit 2503 Pine Bend
Kingwood Place
Best Traditional 1819 Ridgeway Trail
Best Religious 2326 Plateau
Best Lights 2011 White Oak Hills
Santa's Favorite 1506 Sandy Park Dr
Best Doorway 2010 Ridgeway Park Dr
Best Block Spirit Blossom Creek Dr
Mills Branch Village
Best Traditional 4410 Mountain Peak
Best Religious 4007 Appalachian Trail
Best Lights 5411 Magnolia Falls
Santa's Favorite 4430 Natural Bridge
Best Doorway 3938 Echo Mountain
Best Block Spirit Echo Falls - Candy Cane Lane
North Kingwood Forest
Best Traditional 5715 My Way
Best Religious 5622 Straight Way
Best Lights 3402 Any Way
Santa's Favorite 3238 This Way
Best Doorway 5731 Rocky Trail
Best Block Spirit 3310, 3314, 3402 Any Way
North Woodland Hills Village
Best Traditional 2219 Dristone Dr
Best Religious
Best Lights 2234 Middle Creek
Santa's Favorite 2030 Little Cedar
Best Doorway 2122 Middle Creek
Best Block Spirit
Oakhurst #1
Best Traditional 27547 Yorktown Heights
Best Religious 20518 Bobigian
Best Lights 20785 Sweet Glen
Santa's Favorite 20096 Bitter Root
Best Doorway 20724 Sweet Glen
Best Block Spirit 25000 Block Sausalito Ln
Oakhurst #2
Best Traditional 24133 Foster's Knoll
Best Religious 25425 Ramrock
Best Lights 20939 Sweetwood Circle
Santa's Favorite 25641 Peppermill Creek Drive
Best Doorway 24645 Hosford Meadows
Best Block Spirit
Best Traditional 2102 Riverway Oaks
Best Religious Median of Primwater Ct
Best Lights 2323 Crimson Valley
Santa's Favorite 2311 Timber Brook Trail
Best Doorway 2403 Riverway Oaks
Best Block Spirit
Sand Creek Village
Best Traditional 5006 Maple Terrace
Best Religious 3211 Ridge Green
Best Lights 5323 Blue Creek Dr
Santa's Favorite 5419 Sycamore Creek Dr
Best Doorway 5519 Gladehill
Best Block Spirit Manor Glen Dr
Sherwood Trails Village
Best Traditional 2218 Friarwood
Best Religious 2222 Pine Cone Dr
Best Lights 2513 Sherwood Hollow
Santa's Favorite 2518 Sherwood Hollow
Best Doorway 4046 Sweet Gum
Best Block Spirit
South Woodland Hills Village
Best Traditional 2111 Wilderness Point
Best Religious 1934 Lake Hills Dr
Best Lights 2222 Riverlawn Dr
Santa's Favorite 1923 Riverlawn Dr
Best Doorway 2122 Riverlawn Dr
Best Block Spirit 3300 Block Lake Haven
Trailwood Village
Best Traditional 1906 Laurel Hill
Best Religious 1903 Grove Lake
Best Lights 1954 River Falls
Santa's Favorite 1906 Thousand Pines
Best Doorway 1915 Grove Lakes
Best Block Spirit Tangle Lake
Woodridge Forest
Best Traditional 22730 Adrift Row Ln
Best Religious 22715 Whispering Timbers
Best Lights 22715 Whispering Timbers
Santa's Favorite 22828 Windward Meadow
Best Doorway 22805 Windward Meadow
Best Block Spirit Windward Meadow
Woodspring Forest
Best Traditional 4714 Foster Hill Ct
Best Religious 2814 Woodspring Acres Dr
Best Lights 4731 Pin Oak Creek Ln
Santa's Favorite 4515 Mandrover
Best Doorway 2768 Woodspring Forest
Best Block Spirit Woodspring Acres Dr
Woodstream Village
Best Traditional 4823 Fox Grass Trail
Best Religious 3225 North Woodstream Way
Best Lights 4603 Redwood Grove
Santa's Favorite 3210 Silverberry Trail
Best Doorway 4907 Birch Bough Ct
Best Block Spirit 3000 Block Heather Lakes Ct